Friday, January 15, 2010

Fourth Day: Bugis and Orchard

Today i went to Buddhist temple in Chinatown around Bugis area. This temple are always full of people who came from many places, including foreigners. Outside this temple, there were a lot of people selling many kinds of items. There were also shops there, mostly selling Chinese foods and items.

There was one mother who was sitting in front of the temple, wearing a board in front and in the back of her body, asking for people to search for (probably) her daughter. She was missing (which is rarely happened in Singapore) since few days ago. Many people helped her out, but up to the time i left that place, she still hasn't found it yet.

Next, we went to Bugis to buy some goods and have lunch at Oriental House restaurant. After that, we leave to Sun City Mall through MRT and we walked around there for several hours before we finally looked at the Wealth Fountain and also Koi Garden inside Sun City Mall. Unfortunately, the show for Wealth Fountain started at 8 PM, so i couldn't see it, because i have an appointment to meet my relatives in Orchard at 6.30 PM.

We went to Orchard through MRT again and we finally met at Ippundo Ramen, located at 4th floor of Mandarin Gallery, adjacent to Takashimaya building. It is a new mall in Singapore, so not many stores are open at that time. It was full of people, because it's the only branch in Singapore, so we had to take some time waiting in queue in order to take our seat. Lucky for us, we got a nice seat near the painting. They paint three version of ramen story in English, Chinese, and Japanese. We got the Chinese version.

We finished eating and came back to our apartment around 9.30 PM and start packing for tomorrow's journey to Indonesia.

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