Thursday, January 14, 2010

Third Day: Jurong Bird Park

Today, i visited Jurong Bird Park, located on the west side of the Singapore's MRT system. It took about 30 minutes to reach there from my apartment where i stayed. It's an integrated area where almost all kind of birds are preserved there. They are tamed animals, so people can enjoy the nature and also many kinds of shows over there. Luckily, the website already published the events schedule, so i wrote a note first before leaving to Jurong.

One thing that amazes me is that in almost every place in Singapore, i always see people reading a book while traveling, whether in the MRT or while walking down the street. It seems that the reading habit in Singapore is very high. I hope that people in Indonesia could do the same thing like in Singapore


  1. thanks my friend

  2. Congratulations by your blog. Great texts. I'am studant language, but my english is fair.