Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lost My Luggage

Today, i was travelling to Singapore for holidays. It supposed to be my first experience and i was expecting a great experience, but that's not what i got from the start. My first unlucky case was when i wanted to copy my NPWP and my passport. The store was out of paper, so i had to use whatever paper they have to copy it. Luckily, it was OK for the imigration.

The biggest problem ever happened today was when my baggage wasn't found when i wanted to claim it. It was lost and i had a feeling that it was missing since we boarded in Jogja. The officer in Jogja probably missed my luggage and i don't know where is it right now. I have filled a complaint, but i can't do anything but wait for it. The bag consists of my clothes, so i don't have any clothes besides what i'm wearing right now. I will be five days in Singapore, so that means i have to buy enough clothes here.

Let's just hope that there will be no more problems in the rest of my holidays. It supposed to be a fun holiday, but unfortunately, it wasn't. Just because of a missing luggage, everything screwed up and i have lost my mood to enjoy this holiday.

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