Friday, January 08, 2010

My Smashing Book Arrived

Last year (well, it's actually last month, but now it's 2010, so let it be one year big grin), i ordered Smashing Book from Smashing Magazine. This book talked about web, starting from designing a good user interface, CSS, typography, usability, and everything you should know about web designing. It's written by those who are passionate about the web and those who runs the Smashing Magazine.

When i came back from my office today, i found a package on my desk. I look into it and i saw a Smashing Magazine logo on it. So the package i have been waiting for has just arrived Yahoo. I have been waiting for this for two weeks, since i got a shipping confirmation at December 24, and it's January 8 now, so it's actually around 2 weeks + 1 day. It took so long probably because due to long holidays (Christmas and New Year). The delivery estimation is already mentioned on this page also

I know this book from my colleague, Andronicus Riyono who have bought this book when pre-orders came out and he had received his book before holidays. There is another colleague of mine who had ordered the same book, but unfortunately his order haven't arrived yet. Mine already arrived even though he ordered his book long before i ordered mine. He took the air mail, while i took the ground mail, as per suggestion by Andronicus who also got his order via ground mail.

The book costs around USD 29.90 plus shipping fees which is USD 5 for ground and USD 10 for air mail. So in total, i spent USD 34.90 for this book. It's worthed to spend this amount of money to buy this book, because the content is more valuable than the price itself.

I would recommend this book for all of you who have the same passion on web design or wanting to learn about how to create a good web design. It's a must-have book IMHO.

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