Monday, January 04, 2010

New Memory and Battery

Today i bought a new memory stick and also a new rechargeable battery for my digital camera, Sony Cybershot DSC-100. Why would i do this when i have 2 GB on it already? It's because i will be going next week for about a week and i'm sure it will took a lot of pictures there.

I bought 8 GB of memory stick pro duo from SONY, which is the same vendor who produced the digital camera. At first, i was unsure whether the memory stick can be supported by the camera, since there was no information about this. I checked the Internet and one people said that it supported only up to 4 GB. The seller dare to take a risk and put a 8 GB on it and voila, it's detected normally. It can save up to 3000 8 MB quality pictures. Very nice right? Yahoo So in total, i have 6 GB (4 + 2), which should be enough for taking lots of photos on my traveling journey Big Boss

Just for precautions, i also bought a new rechargeable battery, which is the same as i had now (original battery). The one i had now has been used for some time and it's still very good, but it will be safe to bring another one for backup.

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