Thursday, January 27, 2011

Big Upgrade Today

I made a big move today by replacing with LibreOffice 3.3.0 which has just been released yesterday using Eric Hameleers package for Slackware. It's working great, even though i saw some interface glitch, but it's considered a cosmetic problem, so it's a minor one. The look and feel has a lift up a bit compared to 3.2.1, but i'm not sure what happened with the just-released 3.3.0.

Another big move is the upgrade to KDE 4.6. I now used it in all of my machines: laptop, desktop, and workstation at my office. It's really a great upgrade, even though there are some minor annoying problem with Nepomuk Indexing which arose since Beta and RC release and i don't think it has been fixed yet up to now. This problem wasn't there at 4.4.5, so i guess it's a known bug for some time. Let's just hope it will be fixed in future release of KDE.

Big move today and big win for Open Source community Yahoo