Saturday, January 22, 2011

Great Match from MU

It's been a wonderful season for Manchester United and i wanted to keep it that way until the end of this season. It'a great match between Manchester United and Birmingham which has just ended with 5-0 at the end of second half.

Three goals from Dimitar Berbatov proved that he's the target man for MU this season. The other goals were contributed from Ryan Giggs and also Nani. Even though Wayne Rooney didn't put his name on the score sheet today, he contributed three assists to Berba and Giggs. I think his role has evolve from a target man to a good ball distributor. Sometimes he also becomes a decoy to make ways for his partners to score a goal. It's something that can only be done by unselfish and professional player like Rooney.

It's so wonderful Yahoo

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  1. Glory glory united :D. I hope United keep on the top untill the end of this session :)