Sunday, January 23, 2011

Changes on ISO Collection

Today, i have added two new Linux distributions to ISO Server at UKDW. They are CloneZilla and GParted.

These two distributions are quite unique, since their primary purpose is not for daily usage, but for disk cloning and restoration (for CloneZilla) and for managing partition (for GParted). I believe these two distros will be quite useful sometime in the future, so i reserved some place for it.

Also, i have deleted Fedora 13 repository on the Repository Server as Fedora 14 has been released for some time and i believe most people will be using Fedora 14 for now instead of staying with Fedora 13. I will make sure that the repository will only host the latest version, except for some Linux distros, such as Slackware (because it's still widely used and supported, even back until Slackware 8.1 in several cases) and Linux Mint (because it has one big repository and we do a full rsync to the main repository).

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