Saturday, January 15, 2011

Malioboro Report

I am lucky to be invited to be a speaker in Malioboro, since i had a chance to visit some places that i think i would never visited before. Let's take an example of today's event in UIN Sunan Kalijaga. It was my first trip there since 2nd Malioboro event was held there. I got there a little bit early, because i don't know the place exactly. I asked some local students there and they gave me pointer to the exact location. Thanks to them Worship

In general, i like the idea of Malioboro. It's basically an event in which the speaker shares their thoughts to the audience. There is no spesific criteria for the audience. It can be anyone. No advanced skill is required to become a participant. Of course there will be some entrance fee, but it's very cheap (around IDR 5000) and you get a free snack. The event will be held not only in campus, but sometimes in cafe also (the first one was held in Angkringan Cafe), so it's so formal.

Today's topic was about Web and there were four speakers today, but there's one speaker who didn't talk about web, instead she shared her experience of using Linux and she invites all people not to afraid of using Linux. If she can use it, why can't other use it as well? Yahoo

I'm waiting for the documentation of this event to be placed on my collection Bring it

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