Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Waiting for KDE 4.6

After LibreOffice gets released, i'm waiting for KDE 4.6 release today. It should be released in a few hours, but i'm waiting for the native package in Slackware which should be provided by Eric Hameleers on his KTown repository.

So far, i'm not really amused with KDE 4.6 due to several bug related to Akonadi, Nepomuk and Strigi which caused annoying message dialog everytime i logged in to KDE desktop. Other than that, i think KDE 4.6 is maturing so well so that it should be another big leap from KDE team. They are trying to split from HAL and focusing on Udev directly. So far, almost all packages are now HAL-free. Next focus is on extragears.

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