Monday, January 31, 2011

End of January

This is the end of January and tomorrow will be a start of February. It surely fast enough to end a month without knowing it. It seems that we have just entered a new year few days ago and yet here we are going to the second month of 2011.

February will be a special month since it's only 28 days and there will be Chinese New Year on 3rd of February. It will be a fun moment for everyone who celebrates CNY around the world Yahoo


  1. Anonymous1:25 AM

    Actually what is the reason for Chinese new year festival? Truly i don't know about it.

  2. Basically they do not celebrate the New Year on 1/1/2011...but February 3rd as the New Year for 2011. The date of the next new year will be different every year, following the movement of the moon.

    You can check the entries in Wikipedia for more detail about it