Saturday, December 10, 2011

Coming Soon: Heimdal Security Agent Review

Early this year, i wrote about Heimdal Security Agent which was developed CSIS Security Group and it was offered in freemium model, meaning that it has two licenses: free model for home users and premium model for corporate users. This tool can be used to measure your security defenses by comparing application versions installed on your computer with the latest one that vendor has provided. This is one simple way to make sure that you have the up-to-date system and prevent unwanted condition happening on your computer.

Few days ago, one of their executive contacted me and offered me premium licenses if i wanted to make a review about their products and i agreed to it. He has sent me 10 licenses instead of 5 which he agreed before, so i'm obligated to post a review about this product, but not on this post, as i'm still using Linux at the moment and Heimdal doesn't support Linux currently (hopefully they will be able to get support for Linux as soon as possible).

I will try spending my time on Windows later and when i do, i will make a review of this product, start by using the free model and then i will try to use the premium model which should give me more benefit compared to the free model. Since i'll be using 1 license, there will be 9 licenses left to be shared and the CSIS executive has agreed to give this licenses for anyone i picked.

I don't know how many people might be interested with this offer, but here's the deal. If you want to get a pro license for Heimdal Security Agent, please send me an email along with your reason why you should be given a premium license. I am expecting from corporate users who will send me those emails, even though i may not reject from home users as well. I may not give the license as soon as i receive the mail, but i will pick 9 of them and publish it along when my post is completed

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