Saturday, December 10, 2011

Review: Heimdal Security Agent

For those who have seen Thor, you might recognize Heimdal, which was described as the guardian for the Asgard. He watched for any attacks that might threaten Asgard and plays important role to prevent that. Heimdal Security Agent, a product developed by CSIS Security Group A/S named after a Norse god which has the same name (Heimdal in Thor was probably taken from this story as well). But this product is helping users to prevent attack to their confidential data such as credit cards, social security number, emails, computer data, etc.

As i said before, Heimdal Security Agent is divided into two types, free and commercial. The free model allows home users to install this application and you will get basic protection, but it's more than enough. The commercial edition has two more category: pro and corporate. For more detail about the differences between these two version including the pricing, please check their Features. Currently, this product only support Windows client, but they are working to support Mac OS X as well in the future (i really hope they will support Linux users as well though Goodluck). You can get the latest version by visiting this page or if you wanted to skip registration, you can go to this page instead.

Heimdal Security Agent requires .NET Framework 4.0 to be installed on your computer, but if you don't have it yet, don't worry. It will download it automatically (around 50 MB). The process went straightforward and it's safe to assume that all users will have no problem installing this application. This is the only requirement to install Heimdal Security Agent, so don't worry too much. This application is very responsive and it loads so fast, faster than Secunia PSI in my computer (please let me know if i'm wrong about this).

This is what i get after i installed Heimdal Security Agent and it has finished scanning my computer for any vulnerabilities. Everything was conducted automatically so most users don't really need to worry about it oh go on, except when there's a notification saying that your system is very vulnerable (that's the point when you should say Doh)

Heimdal Security Agent is able to download the updated version automatically (you can disable it or give an exception if you prefer to stay on current version), so users can let this powerful tool to work and solve your problem.

When i entered the PRO license, i unlocked two tabs that were previously locked: Malware and Modules. This should give users more protection to malware threats and also secure DNS to prevent DNS spoofing or any other identity-related threats.

Having this tool combined with Secunia PSI is a must and it won't conflict to each other. Two tools are better than one and hopefully it can give user better protection.

As i said before, i still have 9 licenses left for a PRO version of Heimdal Security Agent. This was generously granted by their Head of Operations after reading my previous post on January this year. So, if you want to have those licenses, please send me an email and please let me know the reason why you need to have the PRO license instead of using the free users. I'm expecting from Corporate users, but home users that has high interests on security can also apply for this license.

Update (1 June, 2012, 04:44 PM): Here's the list of people who managed to get the pro licenses from me:
  • Espen Thunold, Infosec Professional from Norway
  • Maurice 
  • Lars Risager 
  • Francisco Jacob
  • Bintang Mahesaputra Wanda  
  • Rob A. Schmidt
  • John H Gamborg 
  • Tom Birch Hansen  
  • Fred de Vries 
Congratulations to those who have got the professional licenses and Fred is the last person who got it. I have no more pro licenses to give away.


  1. I would love a key for this product. Are there any left?

  2. Yes, there are still 8 more
    please mail me :)

  3. are there any more pro keys left, i would to have one?


  4. Wow! I just discovered this little tool that has great potential. I would love to get a key. Could I bother you to ask if you have one left?

  5. yes, please send me your email :)

  6. Can Thor and PC Matic co-exist