Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Watching Breaking Dawn Part 1

Finally i had watched the first part of Breaking Dawn, a movie that was made based on Stephanie Meyer's novel. Honestly, i haven't read the novel, so i didn't know the real plot from the original novel.

The movie was a continuation from the previous movie, Eclipse that aired in 2010 and this is the last movie of The Twilight Saga series. This movie is now split into two parts (just like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows). The second part will be airing next year, so it's the closing of all that happened during this few years.

I must say, the movie was great, but at some point, it showed inappropriate content, mostly at the end of movie when Bella was trying to give birth to her daughter. For those who would like to bring their kids to watch this, be prepared since you will see a lot of blood on this movie Goodluck

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  1. Anonymous11:06 AM

    I have completely read the novel, but I have not watched the movie. LOL