Monday, December 26, 2011

KDrama Suggestion

Lately, i have been watching Man of Honor as the only KDrama i followed. In the past, i usually followed 2-3 KDramas per week, but due to busy schedule this semester, i don't have time to watch too much dramas.

Man of Honors is a good KDrama (in my opinion) and it has 24 episodes in total. I would recommend it to all of you KDrama lovers if you haven't watch it yet. Right now, it's their last week, thus the last two episodes are coming this week as it will end their show.

I would like to ask for next KDrama suggestion from all of you. Do you have any suggestion for any KDramas that i should watch for next year? It could be a future KDrama or an airing KDramas as well.

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