Saturday, December 17, 2011

Windows 8 Password in Cloud

We all know that Windows 8 will be cloud-dominated. It tries to mimic Google Chrome OS in most of their system architecture. One thing that interest me after reading the news from H-Online is that Windows 8 will store user's password in the cloud as well.

If it's going to be implemented, then there will be some problem. Some countries (like mine) are not ready to have cloud-based OS since the underlying Internet infrastructure isn't ready yet. The rate for having a stable and mid-fast Internet connection is way to high compared to other countries. The quality level of the connection itself is not as high as others.

Another reason why it would have big problems is in the cloud itself. How many people willing to store their password outside their own computers and leave it on a public server when anyone can access (and attack) ? I think that idea might have to be carefully thinked before being implemented. It's not too late to revise those good ideas. At least give alternatives for the users to store their password locally.

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