Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blackout Without Announcement

In the last two days, i have had several blackout in my house without electricity. Usually, the authority will give early notifications if there will be some project which need to shut down the electricity during the work, but i guess there were no early notification this time.

My first blackout was last night around 8.30 PM. It lasted until 9.30 PM, but i guess it wasn't a big problem since it's at night and it doesn't cause too much problem for most people since it's not office hour.

My second blackout was today when i returned from office. The electricity went off at the office when i was about to return home. When i got home, the electricity also went down. Luckily i was about to leave to watch Ice Age 4 with my wife, so i wasn't too much affected by this problem, but i guess a lot of people were upset about this.

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