Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Last Day of YKFS Program

Today is the last day of YKFS program. After spending three weeks in the hamlets, finally they are ready for the farewell party and at this moment, they are still having a party in the Banjaroya village.

Unfortunately i can't join them in the farewell party because it might be my last chance to have a chat with the students from HK and AUS since the HK students will go back to HK by tomorrow night and AUS students will go back to Australia on Saturday.

Anyway, i'm quite satisfied with the results of this program. The students learned a lot from the villagers and they give their contributions back to the villagers as part of their service learning objectives. We had a hearing with the head of the regency this morning and the officials are happy to accepts the recommendations the students gave them. They will proceed with the next action to improve the situations in Banjaroya village.

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