Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What is GitHub?

For those who have been working with open source projects, probably you will not be surprise to see a term called GitHub. It's one of the most popular source code management repository that are offered for free (there's a commercial service for advanced user or for those who wanted to make a private repository).

Klint Finley wrote an article about What Exactly is GitHub Anyway? which described what GitHub is about and what technology it's based upon. You might want to learn about it since it's really an amazing service. You will see more and more projects hosted in GitHub in the future due to it's features which facilitates developers to share and collaborate with other developers working on source code.

I personally use GitHub for my SlackHacks repository and so far, it worked well for me. Why don't you try it?

If you need assistance on running GIT, please read the Pro Git, GIT Cheat Sheet or just use the visual GIT Cheat Sheet below

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