Monday, July 16, 2012

Wiping ArchLinux and Welcoming Slackware

I just wiped out my ArchLinux installation on my old laptop and replace it with the development version of Slackware (-Current) which will eventually be called Slackware 14. ArchLinux is a great Linux distribution with a rolling release model, but unfortunately that may not be suitable for me due to some reasons.

I also take this chance to help Slackware by testing the new installation on old hardware and making sure that everything works well. In my case, i used USB flash drive to boot the Slackware Linux kernel because i didn't have Slackware 13.37 DVD at home (i probably left it on my office) using usbbot.img file that are placed under usb-and-pxe-installer. I transfer it to my flash drive and boot using it.

Before i started the setup, i placed Slackware-Current updated repository into another flash drive and mount it locally on my laptop. When the setup runs, i point it to the slackware-current directory which contains all the packages of Slackware-Current per July 15 (the latest version at this moment). So it's basically i'm installing Slackware 14 on my laptop. Everything went well, and now my laptop is already running Slackware 14 on top of it. Sweet.....

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