Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One Down, Another One Coming In

Today i went to my friend's house to finish up my project which had a critical bug due to different environment used to deploy the system which i talked yesterday. My team had finally fixed the bug after synchronizing the environment we used with the deployment environment and we were about to deliver the update today.

When i wanted to copy the files, suddenly the electricity went off. I couldn't do anything, so i left to go to the office. I finished up my work at the office and then i picked up my wife and settle other things up. Next, i got a text telling me that the electricity is back (it almost took 4 hours), but since i haven't finished my errands, i couldn't go there at that time.

In the next few hours, i finally go to the same place again and fixed the bug by replacing the files with the corrected one and also adding a stored procedure which was missing when i deployed it yesterday. Finally everything is working as intended.

Let's just hope that no more problems in the future, because starting tomorrow, i will start a requirement gathering and initial discussion about our next project with the same client. This time, it will be much more complicated than the current project.

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