Thursday, July 12, 2012

Welcome Back YKFS Students

Today is really a busy day for me because the students that joined the YKFS IV program returned back to Jogja and there will be a closing ceremony lead by the coordinator of YKFS IV and attended by the rector (president of the university) itself along with other representatives from both universities (ANU and PolyU). Due to this ceremony, i had to cancel my consultation session with one of my supervised student and postponed it until tomorrow.

The students and staffs from Hong Kong returned to their country later at night even though i know that most of the students still wanted to hang around in Jogja with the local and Australian students to have fun after three weeks living in their hamlet.

Anyway, it's really a great experience of having two foreign universities joining up in the YKFS program and i think we will have more universities in  the next program.

Welcome back to Jogja YKFS students and farewell to HK students and staffs. Have a nice and safe trip back to HK :)

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