Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Google Chat in GMail

Google has integrated their Google Talk network into GMail, so users doesn't need to install Google Talk anymore (it's usefull if you are in a public area, such as Internet Cafe). You only need to login into your GMail account and then look for the left side of your window. You will see new textbox which is the same with Google Talk's interface. You can set up your status (it's on by default if you logged in), or start to chat with others by clicking their account. Your message will be a pop up message in your friend's PC (if he/she has logged in their Google Talk account).

Not only the known account you can chat with, but with others also as long as they have GMail account. Just hover on the email title and a new splash screen will appear along with a button to start a chat session. Very usefull tricks to have a quick conversation.

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