Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Upgrading Kernel Problem

Up to now, i haven't been able to upgrade my kernel to I have tried to do the same thing when i upgrade to 2.6.13, but the new kernel has new features which need some changes in the startup scripts and also new packages also, such as udev and sysfsutils (unfortunately, it's not backward compliant with the previous udev version, so when you decided to use this kernel version, you must have a backup of your previous udev, just in case it fails). I ended with a read-only filesystem, just the same sympthoms with some people has had in LinuxQuestions. Some people tries to use Piter Punk's packages which is available in his website, and some of them were successfull, but when i tried it, it didn't work on my system, ended with a same sympthoms. I look his website again today and i found out that he already updated his packages. I will try to look for it tonight or perhaps at weekend, where i have some spare time to hack my Slackware. I'm so excited to use the newer kernel, since most people said that with newer udev, you won't need to use hotplug anymore, so it will boot faster.

But, as i can see in most of Slackware's threads in LinuxQuestions, the new kernel has caused a lot of problems also, mostly in applications. I don't know why, but it did. I don't know whether upgrading to a new kernel is the best solutions or not, but i'll give it a try and lets see what happen next. Just wish me luck :)

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