Saturday, February 25, 2006

One Day Walk

Today i visit a lot of places in Jakarta. Some of them are new to me and it was a great place. Let's start the journey.

At mourning, i went to ITC Permata Hijau and directly go to Carrefour to buy some daily needs, such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc. I went there with my auntie and my sister, because i was staying at my auntie's house since yesterday (my sister and her friend pick me up at 9 PM last night). We shopped for about 1 hours and then we got home at 11.30 and my sister phoned her friend and he got here at 12.15 (i guess, since i didn't watch the watch. I'm busy reading Harry Potter 6, which i bought last month, but i just get the change to read it now, since it's on my auntie's house since it was sent last month).

At first, my sister told me that we were going to Kelapa Gading Mall, which is located in North of Jakarta. It was nice, since i have never been there before (i have been to Artha Gading Mall, though). But we didn't park at Kelapa Gading directly, instead, we parked at La Piazza (the parking area's height was so short. I guess that the management was hoping that people that come to La Piazza would always use Sedan-like cars), the backside of Kelapa Gading Mall (I just found out that Kelapa Gading has 3 building which was directly connected each other, so it was a huge mall). We had lunch at Taliwang for about 45 minutes and then we start to enter Kelapa Gading I at the movie theater. We wanted to watch Lord of War at 3 PM, but we are late, so we decided to watch the second session at 5.15 PM. After buying the tickets, we go shopping at Kelapa Gading (i don't know what building we were into, since there were no sign at all). I almost bought a nice shoes at Planet Sport, but since there was small defect and there were no other stocks in the warehouse, i decided that i didn't buy the shoes and i'm going to try to find the same product in Taman Anggrek Mall (i hope the product is available).

After walking for about two hours, we went to the movie theater to watch the movie. I watched Lord of War with Nicholas Cage as the movie star. It was good, but not not the best movie. I wanted to see Firewall, but since i have promised with my friends at the office that we will see that movie next Saturday, we decided to watch Lord of War. The film ended at about 7.20 PM and we went to parking area to go the restaurant, but after a second thought, we won't go to the restarurang, but we will eat something in La Piazza instead. La Piazza has the same consept of Ci Walk (Cihampelas Walk) in Bandung, but with larger area and places. It was a good place to take a picture, but unfortunatelly i didn't have any digical camera anymore. If i do, i would bring it and take a picture with La Piazza as the background. It would be great picture. I shall upload it here also and in my Friendster's account as well.

After having dinner, we went back to my house and i phoned my girlfriend for about one and half hour while watching a football match, between Chelsea and Portsmouth. When i ended my call, i started to continue reading Harry Potter. I have reached fourth chapter (it consist of 816 pages and i have finished 1/8 of it). I will continue with it tommorrow and in my spare time.


  1. Yey, "Lord of War" tu bagus lagi... aku seneng banget. Nonton itu dulu pas masih di KR. Nicholas Cage kan keren yah...

    Eh, dica (digital camera)-mu kemana? Kok dah gak ada??

  2. I know. I never said that it was a bad movie. I just said that it was good, but not the best :)

    It was gone while i had training at Jogja last December. True, but sad. I know. Lost my digicam in my home town :(

  3. Anonymous5:40 AM

    Eh Will, setahuku ni ya.. "Sad, but True" jadi sedih emang tapi itu bener.. gitu..

  4. ahhh whatever lah :D
    orang sekarang khan lagi suka dibalik-balik. Lha kaya si Yoda gitu hehehheehhee