Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Jogging in the Evening

Today i supposed to buy a gift box for my girlfriend at Taman Anggrek Mall with Adi and Budi, but since they have an urgent call that should be solved as soon as possible, so they just dropped me at Taman Anggrek and i went there alone. I bought a gift box at Mai Choise and then, i look at Gunung Agung book store and also in Spektra (also a book store, but most of them are imported book). I saw a good C# book, "Programming in C#", but it was so expensive and out of my outcoming budget, so i didn't buy it.

After that, i decided to go back. At first, i planned to ride a bajaj, but in second thought, i want to try if i walk from Taman Anggrek to my place. So that's it, i walked from Taman Anggrek to my place on foot and it took me 15 minutes to reach my place. I took a bath as soon as i got home and prepare my gift and then take a rest.


  1. Anonymous5:08 AM

    You really did it? walk from taman anggrek to your boarding house? :D

    I also think to do the same thing hehe.. but i never do it..

  2. Of course i did it. If not, i wouldn't write this down :D