Monday, February 27, 2006

System Are OK

I have checked my system last weekend and it seems that the boot sequence was kindda reversed. The DHCP Client was trying to get the valid address DHCP Server and then wrote something into the filesystem, but the filesystem hasn't been mounted yet. That would cause the error messages displayed at boot time. When i work offline (not connected to network at all, the system only complains that it cannot find the DHCP Server until timeout (it's normal, since i wasn't connected to any network nor DHCP Server). New kernel works great for me and it didn't break anything on my system. Everything goes back to normal. Here is my screenshot of my working system :)


  1. Kok pake juK, will? Dah coba amaroK? Apik lho...

  2. I know, it's cool and i admit that, but ever since i upgraded my KDE, it always crashes everytime it started a new song. I'll wait for the next AmaroK release (current release is 1.4.1 Beta i think)