Sunday, February 12, 2006

Mass Updates

Today, i will have a mass package updates on my Slackware system, since there has been a bunch of updates throughout the Slackware development process in order to fix some bugs and updated the package needed to get the expected result (could be improvement, typo fix, or even security fix). Some packages were added, some were removed to pasture directories, and the rest will need to be rebuild in order to satisfy the changes in other packages. I know it will be a hard night and i don't know whether i can finish all the upgrades process tonight, because i have had several days trying to get the new kernel installed, but it wasn't a successfull processs, so this time i will read the changelog carefully and hopefully, everything will went well and by tommorrow i will have a newer Slackware version with all the packages are updated from the slackware-current version and also improved UI look (Thanks to Patrick Volkerding who finally released KDE 3.5.1 version on Slackware).

I have been waiting for this package (KDE) for some time, since i have had a bad experience by using the Slackware package in KDE's official website. I'd better wait for the official packages and here they come. I will not miss the change to experience the latest version of KDE which then be replaced by KDE 4.0 (i don't know when it will be finally released, even though Qt has released their first update version on their Qt library).

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