Thursday, February 23, 2006

Start Blogging

Some of my friends have started to make a new blog account and fill their website with blogs. It's not a new trend, since blogging has existed since last year (or perhaps more), but the popularity of blogging in Indonesia has just started lately, when people started to realize that they can express their mind and thought via blog. They can write anything they like or dislike from friends, food, places, etc.

My friend, David Sentanu has just opened a new blog using Blogger. Before David, Markus Hardiyanto has also made a blog space in his website, where he can write his journey while he is in Netherland. It's quite nice to have a friend who has a blog, since you will had new site to visit everyday (if they update their blog regularly). I usually add their blog into mine and hoping that the list will become longer and longer, as my friend's link being added. If any of you who has a blog and want to be linked from my blog, please feel free to contact me

Who's Next??