Friday, September 18, 2009

Virtual Communication

This morning, i opened up my Google Reader to see the news i subscribed to and when i read one of my friend's shared news, i found an interesting picture. Based on the picture, it seems that we have changed how we communicate with others. In the past, we prefer to have a face-to-face communication, but in today's world, it's changing into a virtual communication, where you can have a mass communication with lots of people in the same time using emails, IM, social networking services (such as Facebook), and the last but not least, micro blogging (Twitter and Plurk).

So, this is one of the evolution that Internet has done for us. We can always think it as a positive or negative, depending on your own perspective.

Thanks to my friend at Netherlands, Sam Warnaars for his share thumbs up


  1. LOL. So true.. so true... ^^

  2. Hey Willy,

    thnx for the mention:) You are still going strong on the blog, cool stuff! I wish I had the time (took the time) to sit down and write what inspires me and what goes through my mind: there are so many cool things happening:) No time, so instead I share the things which make me smile:)

    Have a great day,
    Sampai jumpa my friend,


  3. it won't consume your time to write what's on your mind to your blog :)

    It would just take 10-15 minutes to do so

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