Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Copper to FO

Telkom Indonesia has announced that by 2015, all copper wire will be replaced by FO (Fiber Optic) which has better speed. They have started this project since 2007 and it will take some time to replace all of them. For some cities, it might be faster, since they are prioritizing it.

Although it's a good idea to upgrade the infrastructure, it will be better if they can cut the price of the Internet connection so that more and more people can access Internet. Nowadays, only less than 20% of Indonesian population has access to Internet. Compare those number to South Korea which has almost 90% of their citizens enjoy broadband connection (it's a real broadband, not just a marketing promotions).

It's still long way to go, but i still believe they are doing the best thing which can be done right now.

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