Friday, September 03, 2010

Google Chrome 6 Stable Release

After introducing Google Chrome two years ago, Google has increased their development on creating the fastest browser on earth and they are doing it pretty well on Chrome. Their product is widely and quickly accepted by many people around the world as it's slim and it's fast enough to compete with others such as Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Today, they celebrate two years of Google Chrome by releasing Google Chrome 6 as a stable version. Last week, Google Chrome 5 is dubbed as stable, but starting on September, it will be replaced by Google Chrome 6 and the development version will be on Google Chrome 7. The official announcement can be read here.

It has simpler user interface (one of the many features i like in Google's products: simplicity), faster javascript engine, better treatment to the URL address bar (no http:// anymore), and of course offer better protection with it's sandbox model.

Go to and you will be prompted to install/update to the latest stable release of Google Chrome Yahoo