Thursday, September 09, 2010

Search Has Become Faster

Google has officially announced the roll out of Google Instant, a new ideas of how search process can be tweaked in order to get faster and better. Check out Google's announcement on YouTube and of course on Google Blog

Google has changed how people sees about search process. In the past (just before the Google Instant launched), the process is considered as search-as-you-type, but after the announcements, it became search-before-you-type. That's a significant improvements to the idea on how our user experience has been increased once again by Google research team. Here are some facts about ordinary search process by Google team:
  • 9 seconds to type a query
  • 1 second of network time and processing
  • 15 seconds on displaying the results
They tried to optimize the 1 second daily and by Google Instant, they will try to reduce the other 24 seconds into less than 3-5 seconds. That's huge improvements and it's really amazing.

The three main components of Google Instants are:
  • Instants results
  • Predictions
  • Scroll to Search
I just can't imagine what other improvements can they present in the next few months since they are always evolving daily.

Kudos to Google Search Team Worship

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  1. I agree with all that you say here. However, I would like to see Google concentrate on the algorithm of search rather than dabble in so called revolutionary techniques like instants and now mobile instants. Google's John Mueller has come out only this last week and said that the search indexer they use has been corrupt and is being investigated!
    Chris Wheeler
    SEO Agency