Saturday, September 04, 2010

Future Technology

I was asked to give a small presentation about future technology for a student activity in Kaliurang tonight. It was a sudden request, so i didn't have time to prepare the slides or the materials (besides it's not a regular class), so i remembered that my colleague has shown me a very cool video about Augmented Reality from last year show of TED by Pranav Mistry that demonstrated about a wearable devices to bring digital world into our real world.

I showed the video and the students were very enthusiast and impressed on how the technology has advanced so fast beyond their imaginations. I also played several other videos about the implementation of augmented reality in many industries. Since i didn't have so many time on the preparations, i only bring about three videos with me and share with them.

I wish i had another time to do more preparations and give a better performance about future technology that can drive us towards better life.

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