Friday, September 24, 2010

Playing With Chrome

Even though i have Google Chrome installed on my desktop and laptops, i never used it as my primary browser, simply because i still like the way Firefox does (besides it's lack of speed compared to Chrome). In the past, one of my biggest obstacle to move to Chrome is the lack of extensions, but right now, Chrome has so many extensions in which we can download and install it instantly without having to restart the browser (one point here for Chrome).

Then i found an interesting extension called Graph Your Inbox. This extension will try to visualize your GMail account so that you can see some patterns, for example your communications to your colleague, friends, or perhaps if you bought something on Amazon, etc. It was developed by PhD Candidate, Bill Zeller. This extension also works under Google Apps, but you will have to migrate to the new infrastructure first.

Check the examples here:


  1. makanya pak..saya suka pake chrome..hehehe..sorry..

  2. I like your post. I was a Firefox user too, until I discovered Chrome! It's excellent: The speed is good,the tabs aren't as small as Firefox, it's prettier, there are nice themes too, and like you said, so many extensions! :)