Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Welcome LibreOffice

Sometime in the future, OpenOffice.org will turn into LibreOffice, the next evolution of the world's leading free office suite. All of this thanks to the creation of Document Foundation, self-governing meritocratic Foundation, created by leading members of the OpenOffice.org Community.

Right now, they are working on a Beta release and you can see some screenshots on their web site. They will continue to work towards a stable release, but don't expect that in short time as they are now focusing on gathering people to join this foundation in order to polish the LibreOffice in the future.

Why? You may ask about it and you will find the answer in the FAQ section.

Let's hope Oracle will not file a lawsuit against this just like what they did with Google lmao

1 comment:

  1. Open office is good, but it would be much better if they had a mail app like outlook. I wonder if there has been legal stuff to stop them doing it in the past.