Thursday, September 16, 2010

IE 9 Beta Released

According to several site, Microsoft has released a public Beta version of the upcoming IE 9. This is their first public release after their preview release few months ago. While IE has been dubbed as one of the biggest browser on the market, it has been slowly abandoned by their users due to security problems that attacked them ever since earlier version and most of it due to it's tight relation to Windows components, mostly ActiveX.

Other than security problems, IE had so much problem with web standards and it's confusing web developers to ensure that their web design works in various version of IE, thanks to so many hacks on the CSS part.

Based on several article i read, IE 9 has changed that assumption. It's running faster, supporting more standands, and it integrates new features that will enrich your browsing experience.

Although i don't use it, since i'm running Linux in most of my time, i'm sure IE will heat up the browser war again and we will see a class of the titans again when Firefox 4.0 released later on this year.