Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Choqok 1.0 RC 1 Released

Choqok is getting closer to their final 1.0 release which will be released on December 26 this year by releasing their first Release Candidate (Choqok 1.0 RC 1, codename Huma). This RC brings new features as well as new plugins (there are a total of five plugins included on this release, OCS Plugin to support “Open Collaboration Services Activities API” (For, IMStatus plugin to set your latest post to status message in IM clients (Kopete, Pidgin, Psi and Skype), Twitgoo image uploader, Mobypicture image uploader, and Posterous image uploader.

There are two new dependencies for Choqok: libAttica for OCS plugin and libIndicate-qt for Indicator notifies support. Since Attica has been included on Slackware, i don't have to compile for this package. As for libIndicate, i don't have any plan (for now) to use the new notifier system, since i'm quite satisified with the current notifier system which is integrated with KDE.

I have compiled this new package using the SlackBuild script and i don't have to make any changes at all, except for the version line to indicate changes in the package version.

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