Monday, December 20, 2010

One Day Trip

I had a one day trip today to Semarang. I went at 7.20 AM and since there was a construction project in Muntilan, the trip was delayed and i arrived in Semarang around 11 AM. My first route was my aunt's house since i have an order from my mother to deliver something to her, so i got to her house first. It's also a chance to see my two cousins in Semarang. It's been a while since i saw one of them (this is my first time seeing the younger one).

Next, we headed to our primary route on this trip and when we finished with it, we went to Ciputra Mall in order to have lunch and also looking for items. We left Semarang around 4.30 PM and we arrived in Jogja again around 8 PM since we had dinner in Magelang. Luckily, the heavy rain has stopped when we arrived, so we had no difficulties on our trip today Yahoo