Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tracking KDE Bugs

These days, i have been busy tracking KDE bugs after i decided to upgrade to KDE 4.6 Beta 2 on my laptop. As stated before, it's still in Beta version and bugs are still lurking waiting to be fixed. So far, the overall performance is no difference with 4.5, new features are quite good enough, but still there are some annoying bugs.

As Eric updated his KDE packages in his KTown package, some bugs are resolved, but new problem arises, such as sound problem (due to disabled HAL on my test case), but soon i fixed it by installing phonon-vlc and phonon-mplayer packages from Eric's repository to add another backend besides xine and gstreamer. So far the solution works, but i'm still enabling HAL for now or else i won't enjoy a better battery monitor from guidance package (the battery monitor applet from KDE is giving less information). Some people reported that K3B is complaining if HAL is disabled. I haven't tried this since i have no need of burning at the moment, but it will be a good idea if it will be fixed in the final release.

Another bugs that has been squashed is the icon not working in panel. If i click on the icon, it won't launch any application where it supposed to do it. KDE developer fixed this problem in trunk so it should be on the next Beta or RC release.

Let's hope more and more bugs are squashed before they release the final version in January Yahoo

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