Thursday, December 16, 2010

MySQL 5.5 Released

Oracle has finally released MySQL 5.5. to public after they released their first Beta public last year. I think it will be a great Christmas gift to everyone that is curious about the future of MySQL after Oracle took control of it from Sun Microsystems. Actually, Oracle is also working hard to make Oracle Virtual Box 4 released this year as they have released their third Beta this week (they have released 3 Betas in this month and it shows how serious they are with their Virtual Box).

The highlights of this major release are:
What surprises me is that the size of Windows installer (MSI) has grown up to 120 MB where Linux source code is only at 20 MB. I think they have integrated a lot of big changes in Windows as they said that they have improved MySQL's performance on Windows platform such as :
  • Windows API calls for much of the I/O done inside MySQL (a community contribution, hat tip to Jeremiah Gowdy).
  • Ability to build engines and other plugins as DLLs on Windows.
  • Network support for auto-detecting the MAC address (a community contribution, hat tip to Chris Runyan).
  • Much cleanup and simplifying of threading code.
At least, MySQL is still being developed and maintained for now. Let's have fun with MySQL 5.5 Yahoo


  1. Do you have Slackbuild script for MySQL 5.5?

  2. No, not yet
    can't we use the SlackBuild for MySQL 5.1? I think it's not that different