Thursday, December 16, 2010 3.3.0 Released

Shortly after MySQL 5.5 has been turned into GA (General Availability), Oracle is now releasing final release of 3.3.0 with so many new features included. By looking at the new features, i can see why the development took so much time and they even had to release 8 RC release before they set the final go today.

The new features are spread into several categories, such as Productivity Enhancement, Usability and Interface, Developer Features and Extensibility, and Internationalization.

I think in the next following days, LibreOffice 3.3.0 will also be shipping to public. I'm still waiting for the final release before deciding which application should be installed on my computer. Both has been available in SlackBuilds project so it won't be a problem to create a Slackware packages for both packages.

In the meantime, Oracle also introduce Oracle Cloud Office, a Web and mobile office suite. It includes word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. Based on Web open standards and the Open Document Format (ODF), Oracle Cloud Office enables Web 2.0-style collaboration and mobile document access and ensures compatibility with Microsoft Office file documents. Oracle Cloud Office is integrated with Oracle Open Office, which enables rich offline editing of complex presentation, text, and spreadsheet documents. Oracle Cloud Office Web-scale architecture can be used for on-premise, on-demand, or software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployments.

I think it's their answer to Google Docs who have played in this area long before Oracle came up with this new product.