Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Gift From H&E

Today i got a nice Christmas Gift from H&E (Heaven & Earth). What is H&E? It's an international fansubbing group who translate some Asian movies (Korean and Chinese) into English language and distribute them for their fans around the world.

Last November, i won one of their member's trick and treat quiz along with another contender, but it was expired since one month has passed and no gift were given. No problem for me as it was a very fun quiz and i enjoyed it so much, even though i never dreamt to win the quiz. I actually didn't get the correct answer, but Zilly still gives me the honor to become the VIP list.

So, what's the gift anyway? Well, it's not really an item, but a virtual item. It's a link to the latest H&E's latest release of Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre (episode 21). Why is it called a gift? Well, because i got it ahead before public link is posted in the future. Furthermore, i got it personally from Zilly who received my Christmas greetings via email. Thanks Zilly Worship

I also realized that they are so friendly to their fans. I joined their chatroll and we had a very nice talk session with some of their regular members, like Zilly, Soysuva, and Sophia. Guess what? Most of them never met face in face to each other as well as they live in different countries Panic. That kinda shocked me for a while, since i thought that fansub group were a local group that share the same interest. Only some of them have met each other in the past.

Oh well, thanks to Zilly, Soysuva, and Sophia for the nice chat session and H&E team for the HSDS early release. Heart

I'm waiting for the next release of HSDS daydreaming