Sunday, December 12, 2010

Garden Panic

For the last two days, i have been spending my day finishing Garden Panic, one of BigFishGames game. It's a simple, but challenging game. You own a strawberry field and there are a lot of animals who wanted to eat it and your task is to protect your field.

My girlfriend played this game first and i decided to start it also and i managed to overlap her and now i'm in the last level which i couldn't beat Doh. I had completed all other levels with a Perfect state, but i'm totally lost in the last level.

Anyone has a solution for the last level? Bring it

Update (15 December 2010): I have completed the game, thanks to the video posted by someone who give a comment on this post. I will update the screenshot to reflect the changes in the game
Here's some screenshots


  1. I am having a hard time with level 14! I don't know how you got so far. I'm not usually bad at tower defense games.... but this one is rough.

  2. Put a tomato plant on both lower right and left first and put peacanons on the curvy road to prevent bypassed animals

    Starting from this, you can add more guards to prevent further animals

    it's a combination between upgrade and adding more guards

  3. j2: here's my solution:

  4. Hello :-)
    Here's a link to my video on how I beat level 30:
    At first I didn't realize that you need to click on the gray outline of the plants in the lab so that they'll be for awhile there I was playing level 30 with only pea-cannons that I can only upgrade up to level 2; I also played levels 1 to 29 using only pea-cannons :-D
    Anyway, happy gaming & happy holidays!

  5. Hi

    I cant view your youtube video. It is a private video :( please help. I am stuck on level 23. Tried so many times but just cant seems to break through it.

  6. There's a lot of videos in YT which describe how to solve level 23