Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Blogger Renamed Into Google Blogs

In the future (in about six weeks), Google will rename Blogger into Google Blogs. This rumor was first released by Mashable and i think the reason makes sense. Many users doesn't know that Blogger is one of Google's product, just like GMail, Google+, and many other Google's products. By renaming and use Google in front of the product name, people will have an awareness that they are using Google's product. I think it's a common way for organizations to put their brands on everyone's mind.

Google bought Pyra in 2003 and they keep the original name as Blogger, but they keep updating and adding more features into Blogger until what it had right now. It has become a serious place for blogging and many users (including me) like what Google has done to Blogger. It's been a wonderful place to write our post without having to worry about the hosting, security, availability, and many other things to think if we use other products.

This rename process will not only affect Blogger, but also Picasa. It will be renamed Google Photos.

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