Thursday, July 21, 2011

Web Page Visualized in 3D

Victor Porof along with Cedric Vivier and Rob Campbell are now working on Tilt: a new Firefox extension which allows you to visualize your web page in 3D. Sounds cool huh? Well, it's indeed a cool extensions. The visualization is drawn using WebGL, for dynamic, fast, in-browser rendering.

It started as a Google Summer of Code projects, but it attracts more developers to join and the three of them consider this as an active developer project and this is how it turns out to be a working project under Mozilla Hacks.

For now, the source code and the build is only available on GitHub, so you will have to grab it from there. They generously provided the link to the latest XPI, download the file, then open it with Firefox or drag’n drop it on Firefox.

Here's a short video demonstrating how Tilt works at current status:

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