Monday, July 18, 2011

Google Code Support GIT

Google Code is known as one of the most-used project hosting for many open source project around the world besides SourceForge and also GitHub. Initially, they only support SubVersion (SVN) as their SCM tool, but they have added Mercurial in 2009 which brings Google Code to another level because it has support for a distributed SCM tool.

That doesn't stop Google to improve their work as now GIT is a popular tool since Linus Torvalds created it for the sake of Linux Kernel development and it seems that many developers like it and many of them have migrated to GIT. Even big players like KDE is also moving to GIT and so does it's biggest rival: GNOME. Other open source project that also uses GIT includes PERL, QT, Android, XOrg, and PostgreSQL.

So what happened next is that Google has now officially added GIT as another options for the developers when they initially created the project. You now has three options : SVN, Mercurial, and GIT.

As always, free hosting doesn't come up with unlimited features. Google has stated those limitations under the FAQs:
  • 4GiB repository size limit (apply to all source control systems)
  • Push size limit of 500 MiB for GIT
  • Supported GIT version: 1.6.6 at minimum
If you have been working with SVN, you can have a look on the GIT Migration FAQ to migrate it to GIT.

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