Friday, July 15, 2011

Writer Contributors

Today, i got two similar requests to become a writer contributor for two different websites, but both of them talks about Technology. The first one came from my old friend Krishnan from India where he asked me to join E-Dirts. He wanted me to write articles about Linux in general. I haven't met with the owner yet, but it seems interesting to me even though i haven't decided it yet for now.

The second request came just four hours ago from Techo Grate. I talked with the owner and after a small discussion via email, i decided to join them as an independent writer talking about Slackware Linux and open source applications.

Both of the sites are owned and ran by Asian's people: the first one was from Bangladesh, and the second one is from India.


  1. Thank you very much Willy on behalf of both of us. Though GNU/Linux is our common interest, you can choose any topic for the articles.

    And it seems like you are getting more busy with lot of things. isn't it?? :D :D

  2. Yes, it does, but still i can manage it :)