Sunday, July 24, 2011

Linux Distribution by US DoD

If you are a mobile users (travels a lot) and you are concerned with your privacy when using public computer to work, then you might like the idea of using LPS (Lightweight Portable Security). It's another Linux distribution that focusing on privacy and it's built by Air Force Research Laboratory and USA's Department of Defence. So far, it has won several awards.

Taken from the original web site:
LPS-Public allows general web browsing and connecting to remote networks. It includes a smart card-enabled Firefox browser supporting CAC and PIV cards, a PDF and text viewer, Java, and Encryption Wizard - Public. LPS-Public turns an untrusted system (such as a home computer) into a trusted network client. No trace of work activity (or malware) can be written to the local computer. Simply plug in your USB smart card reader to access CAC- and PIV-restricted US government websites.
They have released LPS 1.2.2 public and LPS 1.2.2 public deluxe (includes and Adobe Reader) full of changes that might interest you. To use the USB version, you must download the ISO and read the instructions here

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