Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Prepare for PMP Certification with uCertify

We all know about how IT Project track record is. Since Standish group released their CHAOS report in 1995, there has been a lot of efforts spent to increase the success rate of IT projects in every area where industries plays a big role. However, the following report from the same group reported that even though there has been a slight improvements, it wasn't as good as everyone has hoped for.

One of the main reason why IT projects often failed was because of poor management. Not many IT people knows how to manage a project because most of them only learned about IT skills while studying in university. They don't really care about managing other important things, such as human resources, cost management, time management, and many other knowledge areas described in the Project Management Framework developed by PMI (Project Management Institute).

Since then, a certified Professional Project Management has been a growing demand all over the world. PMI as the official organization maintaining PMP certification has released PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) that is often referred as the official guide for taking the PMP certification. Many project management is based on the latest PMBOK which is now at 5th edition.

By getting certified as a PMP, he/she is recognized as a person who has a competence in managing a project and understand project management framework in general and can apply them in their work. Since they have been acknowledged by the global industries, they will surely get more salaries than people who isn't certified. More sucessfull projects will also be happening under his/her leadership.

PMP certification is not a free certification, thus those who would like to pursuit for PMP certification should have prepared themselves for some time and also meet the requirements before applying it. You can have a look on the requirements on PMI's website.

uCertify provides a PMP prepKit for anyone who would like to take a PMP exam. The prepKit consists of quizes, articles, study cases, reports, performance review, and analysis tools so it's very suitable before taking the real exam. The prepKit can be downloaded from uCertify's official website and you can try the trial version first if you're stil unsure about it. All of uCertify's products have unconditional 100% money back guarantee, so if you can't pass the official test in your first attempt, you can ask for refund (this apply for a full version).

Personally, i'm happy with this product as this product gives comprehensive chapter-by-chapter study and then i can start reviewing my progress by taking quizes and exams and the prepKit will track my personal progress so i can view my progress anytime i wanted.

Since Project Management is a broad topic, uCertify also provides a lot of articles that is related with project management and this surely helps for people who wanted to see is happening around the world.

If you truly pursuits for PMP certification, i would recommend you to try this tool before you take the real exam. uCertify has generously provided a 10% discount by entering UCPREP in their shopping cart.

I would also recommend you to follow ProjectTips Twitter account as they often post about Project Management tips.

Here's what uCertify's PMP prepKit look like in it's default interface:

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